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Cholesterol and Heart Attacks – What can we learn ?

​ As per the current medical stance, the two major leading cause of heart attacks today are abnormal lipids and Hypertension ( apart form smoking). Therefore, the solution is to use cholesterol lowering medications and hypertensive drugs.   This data included sales from 83 countries covering 74% of the estimated 2018 world population of 7,631,091,000 people. […]

What Wikipedia Won’t Tell You About Supplements

The wonderful world of supplements can be a bit overwhelming. Many supplements are available over-the-counter, yet this should not be taken as a license to self-prescribe or self-dose. Everyone’s health needs are different and an individualized health plan is vital for reaching optimum health. You may not even need a supplement, or you may need […]

Bugs of Tropics, Naturally

Living in the tropics is fun !. Sunshine throughout the year accompanied with intermittent heavy rains and thunderstorms that lives a fresh green lush everywhere. But, the joys of living in the tropics also bring greater exposure to the bugs including mosquitos, ticks, and stinging insects such as wasps and bees. The majority of conventional […]

Selecting a Quality Multivitamin or Mineral Supplement for Kids

Nutrition power is every kid’s best defense against illness and the guideline for raising healthy kids requires providing them with a daily diet of a variety of healthy foods. But we all know that’s easier said than done. Kids are confronted by the temptation of packaged foods that typically are not part of a balanced […]

What Are The Benefits of Motherwort (Leonurus Cardiaca)?

Motherwort, a member of the mint family, offers many benefits that have supported women’s health through ages. Its name is rooted in ancient practices, since it has historically helped women who were overwhelmed by the demands of motherhood. This herb provides a calming and nurturing essence, which is particularly beneficial for women facing exhaustion. The […]

Digestive Distress: Holistic Approaches to Irritable Bowel Syndrome ( IBS)

When the smooth rhythm of the muscles of the digestive tract is disrupted, either moving too quickly or too slowly, we experience digestive distress. For some of us, this distress can be frequent and painful, creating a major disruption in our life and in our lifestyle. The prevlance of IBS in Singapore was higher than […]

More than Belly Aches: Acid Reflux in Children

Acid reflux is often experienced differently in children and teens than it is in adults. Along with a wide range of symptoms, kids typically tell parents they have “fire in the belly and throat,” a sign of acid reflux and not simply a stomach ache. Always take it seriously. Persistent reflux can erode tooth enamel, […]