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How To Preserve and Grow Functional Mitochondria

Mitochondria is a hot topic these days. As a naturopathic physician in Singapore, I learned to look at not just the big picture but the processes that cause aging, both “good aging” and “poor aging.” The health of our organs and other systems in the body keep us functioning optimally, and the feature that keeps […]

Guide To Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) From a Naturopathic Perspective

Increases in NAFLD Prevalence Incidence of fatty liver has been increasing globally. Overall pooled global prevalence has been reported to be around 24%. However, in westernized Asian populations, including in Singapore, its prevalence appears to be higher; prevalence rates as high as 40% been reported. This is alarming! Although we know that fatty liver largely […]

What is IBD? Symptoms and Natural Treatments

Most people wake up each morning and go to the washroom without much thought about it. However, when you start getting severe pain in your stomach, and looser and looser stool, especially when there is blood in the toilet bowl, waking up and going to the washroom can be an intensely stressful experience. People who […]

Healing your child with ADD/ADHD

ADHD is currently the most common neurological disorder affecting children all over the world.  Children with Attention Deficit Disorder(ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD) suffer from chronic periods of impulsiveness and in attention. They struggle to remain focused on the task at hand in school or at home. However, the attention span can increase dramatically […]

Could your health be affected by leaky gut? Part- 2 How can you test and fix it?

  Identifying the presence of a leaky gut can be life changing to many people as it could be the root cause of most health symptoms. To help you identify if this is an issue, I have sorted out a few clues that point to having a leaky gut. 5 Clues that you have a […]

Guide to Leaky Gut Syndrome By a Naturopathic Expert

Leaky gut is commonly mentioned today in articles and blogs. You have probably wondered — can you really have leaks or holes in your gut?  Yes! This can happen. Let’s get into the depth of it and see what the heck really leaky gut is. What Is Leaky Gut Syndrome? Leaky gut, otherwise referred to […]

How To Naturopathically Improve Thyroid Function

”What is Your Approach to Thyroid Disorders as a Naturopathic Doctor?” I hear this question nearly every day – from both patients and conventional medical doctors. The thyroid is influenced by multitude of factors ranging from simple lifestyle attributes, dietary choices, genetic mutations, mental emotional dispositions and life circumstances, chronic illness, gut disturbances etc. These […]

What are Heartburn and GERD, and Do Antacids Help?

We often hear several ads on Antacids to help with heart burn or GERD. You probably have someone in the family with heartburn who is probably on some form of acid lowering medications. As a functional medicine doctor in Singapore, I get questions about antacids frequently. How are these meds supposed to decrease the heartburn? […]